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Gabon (dříve také Gabun), oficiálně Republika Gabon (francouzsky République gabonaise) je stát na západním pobřeží Afriky.V roce 2018 měl Gabon 2,119 milionu obyvatel. V roce 2009 zde žilo téměř 1 500 000 obyvatel. Na severozápadě sousedí s Rovníkovou Guineou (322 km), na severu s Kamerunem (279 km) a na východě s Republikou Kongo (1523 km) Gabon, officieel de Republiek Gabon (Frans: République gabonaise), is een land in Afrika dat grenst aan Equatoriaal-Guinea, Kameroen en Congo-Brazzaville.De hoofdstad en grootste stad is Libreville.De beperkte bevolkingsdichtheid, overvloedige natuurlijke hulpbronnen en aanzienlijke buitenlandse steun hebben Gabon tot een van de meer welvarende landen in Afrika gemaakt

Survivor: Gabon — Earth's Last Eden is the seventeenth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. The premiere aired September 25, 2008, with the first two episodes screened back-to-back. Survivor: Gabon began filming in late June. It marked the second season of the series that was filmed in Africa (Survivor: Africa had been filmed seven years earlier in Kenya) Gabon has an area of almost 270,000 square kilometres (100,000 sq mi). 1.5 million people live in Gabon. Gabon was a colony of France. It became a new country on August 17, 1960. Since 1960, the country has had only 3 presidents. At first it had one-party rule. In the early 1990s, the country switched to a multi-party government Zdroje. Gabon byl závislý na těžbě dřeva a manganu do doby, než byly objeveny zásoby ropy začátkem sedmdesátých let. Ropný sektor v současnosti [kdy?] produkuje 50 procent HDP a 80 procent exportu. Nejvyšší produkce ropy 370 tisíc barelů denně byla v roce 1997 a postupně klesá, v roce 2012 bylo aktivních 6 vrtných plošin. Nízké ceny ropy měly negativní vliv na. Gabon is a country in Western Central Africa.It lies on the Equator, on the Atlantic Ocean coast, between the Republic of the Congo to the south and east, Equatorial Guinea to the northwest and Cameroon to the north.. A small population, as well as oil and mineral reserves have helped Gabon become one of Africa's wealthier countries

Kuchyňské studio GABON, výrobce kuchyní a nábytku, vznikla roku 1992.Přibližně od roku 1998 se začala zaměřovat více na výrobu kuchyňských linek. Tato strategie byla natolik úspěšná, že výrobní prostory v Brně - Bystrci přestaly dostačovat Gabon is a haunting enemy masked by a skull that attacks by tossing bones at Kirby. Gabon appears as a common enemy in Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby: Planet Robobot, and Kirby Star Allies. He chucks bones at Kirby while wearing his skull, but once the mask is inhaled off (or knocked off in later games) by Kirby, he scurries off in the opposite direction in an. Gabon is a country in Central Africa with an array of landscapes and wildlife in its 13 national parks.. A small population, and oil and mineral reserves, have helped Gabon become one of Africa's wealthier countries. The country has generally been able to maintain and conserve its pristine rain forest and rich biodiversity Survivor: Gabon, also known as Survivor: Gabon — Earth's Last Eden, is the seventeenth season of Survivor. The winner of this season, Bob Crowley, the oldest winner in Survivor history, defeated Susie Smith and Sugar Kiper in a 4-3-0 final vote. 1 Production 2 Twists/Changes 3 Castaways 4 Season Summary 5 Voting History 6 Trivia 7 References On April 13, 2008, at the National Association of. čeština: ·západoafrický přímořský stát··západoafrický přímořský stát bosenština: Gabon m bretonština: Gabon čínština: 加蓬 dánština: Gabon esperanto: Gabono finština: Gabon francouzština: Gabon m fríština: Gabon chorvatština: Gabon m interlingua: Gabon italština: Gabon m japonština: ガボン limburština: Gabón.

Gabon (/ [unsupported input] ɡ ə ˈ b ɒ n /; French pronunciation: ), offeecially the Gabonese Republic is a state in wast central Africae sharin borders wi Equatorial Guinea tae the northwast, Cameroon tae the north, an wi the Republic o the Congo curvin aroond the east an sooth. The Gulf o Guinea, an airm o the Atlantic Ocean is tae the wast. It covers a land aurie o nearly 270,000 km². Gabon (lafazi: /gabon/) ko Jamhuriyar Gabon (da Faransanci: République gabonaise), ƙasa ce, da ke a nahiyar Afirka.Gabon tana da yawan fili kimani na kilomita murabba'i 267,667. Gabon tana da yawan jama'a 1,979,786, bisa ga jimillar 2016. Gabon tana da iyaka da Kameru, da Gini Ikwatoriya kuma da Jamhuriyar Kwango.Babban birnin Gabon, Libreville ne.. This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 02:16. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply Little is known of the history of Gabon prior to European contact. Bantu migrants settled the area beginning in the 14th century. Portuguese explorers and traders arrived in the area in the late 15th century. The coast subsequently became a center of the slave trade with Dutch, English, and French traders arriving in the 16th century.In 1839 and 1841, France established a protectorate over the. Gabon - Gabonese Republic The Gabonese Republic is a country in west central Africa. It borders on Equatorial Guinea , Cameroon , Republic of the Congo and the Gulf of Guinea with São Tomé and Príncipe

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  1. ative Gabon — genitive Gabonin — partitive Gabonia — illative Gaboniin — singular plural no
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  3. Gabon waa wadan ku yaalo galbeedka Afrika, wadankaan waxoo xuduud la leeyahay wadamada Ikweetiga Guinea, Jamhuuriyadda Kongo iyo Kamiruun. Dhinaca galbeed neh waxaa kaga dhegan Gacanka Guinea. Magaalo madaxda wadanka waa Libreville Taariikh. Dalka jamhuuriyda Gabon. Dalka Gabon waxa uu kamid yahay wadamada loogu yeesho Gabeedka Africa waxana uu.
  4. Gabon lii staatâ Afrikâst.Ton uáivikaavpug lii Libreville.. Afrik staatah; Algeria • Angola • Benin • Botswana • Burkina Faso • Burundi • Djibouti • Egypti • Elefanttähtiriddo • Eritrea • Eswatini • Etiopia • Gabon • Gambia • Ghana • Guinea • Guinea-Bissau • Kamerun • Kap Verde • Kenia • Komoreh • Kongo demokraatlâš täsiväldi • Kongo.
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Gabon's rare and somewhat perplexing wealth, earned through the country's oil trade, has a dramatic effect on the West African country's modern day life.Though issues of poor health care and public education plague Gabon's reputation, the nation has invested heavily in propelling a rich image to the world, with the big city vibe of its capital, Libreville, as well as the fashionable. L Gabon ie n Stat dl'Africa. Stat Capitela Munëida Lingac ufiziei Spersa km² % dla eghes Popolazion Densità PIL pro capite (US$) Cherta Gabon: Libreville: Franch CFA: Franzëus: 267 668 3,76% 1 384 000 5,3 7 055 Chësta plata ie stata mudeda l'ultimo iede ai 17 ago 2020 dala 15:34. L test ie. Gabon; Gaboni lipp: Gaboni vapp: Riigikiil: prantsusõ kiil: Pääliin: Libreville: Suurus: 267 745 km² Rahvaarv: 1 979 786 (2016) Internetitunnus.ga: Gabon, ammõtlidsõlt Gaboni Vabariik, om Õdagu-Afriga riik. Gaboni pääliin om Libreville Aolugu Poliitiga Luudus Valitsõmisjaotus.

Gabon sê Hĭ-ciŭ dṳ̆ng-buô gì siŏh ciáh guók-gă Gabon (-is, m), Francogallice rite République gabonaise, est civitas sui iuris Africae Aequinoctialis occidente sita, aequatore transita, paulo inculta, cuius caput est urbs Liberopolis. Reipublicae Congoliae, Guineae Aequatorensi, et Cameroniae finitima, civitas saltuosa est, ubi fauna ac flora adhuc bene servantur. Antiqua Francica colonia, Gabon liberus est ab anno 196 Gabon (nom oficiau : Republica Gabonesa) es un estat situat sus la còsta oèst d'Africa Centrala lòng dau Golf de Guinèa au sud de la Guinèa Eqüatoriala e de Cameron e l'oèst de la Republica de Còngo.Sa capitala es Libreville.Lo territòri gabonés si situa principalament dins lo bacin d'Ogooué e lòng de l'eqüator. Es donc un país caud e umid cubèrt de seuvas eqüatorialas gaire.

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Gabon with the Wind is the second segment from the eighteenth episode of Timon & Pumbaa. Timon and Pumbaa are being chased by Cheetato and Cheetata. Timon tells Pumbaa to be careful to avoid any low-hanging branches, but Pumbaa hops over such a tree branch, only to crash into a higher tree branch instead. Timon fell down because of the impact. Pumbaa doesn't realize he left Timon behind and. From the longer Wikipedia page [1] Gabon (/ɡəˈbɒn/; French pronunciation: [ɡabɔ̃]), officially the Gabonese Republic (French: République gabonaise), is a country on the west coast of Central Africa. Located on the equator, Gabon is bordered by Equatorial Guinea to the northwest, Cameroon to the north, the Republic of the Congo on the east and south, and the Gulf of Guinea to the west.

El Gabon gha otegnù l'indipendenza aministrativa nel 1946 e quela politica nel 1960. El primo presidente, Lèon M'Ba, l'è morto nel 1967 e el so vice presidente, Albert Bernard Bongo, sa tolto el poder e aprovò el partito unico Gabon ei een klein militair orhaon wat a besti uut 5000 man personeêl, onderverdeêld in 't leher, de marine, de luchmacht, de gendarmerie en de nationaole pelisie. De Gabonese striedkrachen zien etraind defensief te 'andeln en der eihen nie anvall'nd op te stell'n. De president ei beschikkieng over een 1800 man tell'nde bewaekieng Gabon is een land in Centraal-Afrika.De hoofdstad is Libreville. Regio's [] Steden []. Libreville - De hoofdstad en grootste stad van Gabon met tussen 500.000 en 800.000 inwoners. Hoewel Libreville verre van centraal ligt aan de noordkust, is Libreville wel degelijk het centrum van het land

Gabon. Sauter à la navigation Sauter à la recherche. Cél articllo est ècrit en arpetan supradialèctâl / ORB lârge. Lo Gabon est un payis d'Africa. G. Gabón, oficialmente la República Gabonesa (en francés: République gabonaise), es un país situado en la costa oeste de África central. Limita con Guinea Ecuatorial, Camerún, la República del Congo y el golfo de Guinea. Tiene un área de 267 667 km², y su población se estima en 1,5 millones de personas. Su capital y mayor ciudad del país es Libreville

Geografy Lizzing. Gabon wurdt begrinzge troch: Ekwatoriaal Guinee en Kameroen yn it noarden;; Kongo-Brazzaville yn it easten en suden.; de Atlantyske Oseaan yn it westen.; Lânskip. Gabon leit by de evener en beskikt oer in tropysk klimaat. Meastepart fan it lân (om-ende-by 85%) is oerdekt mei reinwâlden.. Oan de kust lizze mangrovebosken dy't stadichoan oergeane yn in kustsavanne Gabon (Fransuzsha: République Gabonaise) — Oraylıq Afrikada jaylasqan ma'mleket. Paytaxtı - Libreville. Shama menen 1,475,000 milliong'a shamalas adam ha'zirde Gabonda jasap kelmekte. Bul bettin' aqırg'ı ma'rte o'zgertilgen waqtı: 23:11, 2013 j. marttın' 7..

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Gabon, at its start, is a Secular Fang constitutional republic located in the Gabon and Kongolese Coast areas, Kongo region of the Africa continent. The republic emerges from Secular Modern France on August 17, 1960, gaining cores, bordering fellow Secular Cameroon north and Congo-Brazzaville east, Catholic Spain northwest and the waters of the Coast of Gabon (Gulf of Guinea Sea area, West. Gabon zo ur stad eus Afrika, war aod ar Meurvor Atlantel.En-dro dezhi emañ Ginea ar C'heheder ha Kameroun, en norzh, Republik Kongo, er reter hag er su, ha Pleg-mor Ginea, er c'hornôg.. Libreville, ur porzh-mor war aod Pleg-mor Ginea, eo kêr-benn ar vro hag un hanter vilion a dud zo o chom enni.. Yezh ha sevenadur. Ar galleg eo ar yezh pennañ ha neuze ar yezh ofisiel nemeti er vro, met.

Gabon es un land in Africa.. Gabon have 1,42 milliones habitantes. Li capital de Gabon es Libreville.. Gabon esset un state índependent desde 1960.Avan to it esset un colonie de Francia Gabon ye jamana ye tlebi cɛma Afrika min bɛ dancɛ tla ni Cɛmajan (Equator) Gine (Franse : Guinée Equatoriale), Kamerun, Kongo-Brazaville, ani Gine ka Jikori (gulf). Faaba ani a duguw labonba ye Libreville ye. Kabini aka yɛrɛta ka bɔ Frans bolo, Uti tle 17 san 1960, Fasojamana in marala jamanakuntigi fla fɛ Pages in category Gabon The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total. C. Credit Suisse: Africa: Commodity Warrant, 14 April 2008; O. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Audit of Medical Evacuations (AR2005-162-04), 16 May 200

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  1. ority going into the merge
  2. Nederlands: ·(toponiem: land) een land in West-Afrika, officieel de Gabonese Republiek··(toponiem: land) Gabon; een land in West-Afrika, officieel de Gabonese Republie
  3. Gabon is land on middlum Affrice.Ðǣre cyneƿīsan hēafodburg is Libreville.. Ǣr 1960 ƿæs Gabon Frencisc landbūnes.Nū is hē ān middelaffrice rīcostra landa
  4. An Gabon sarong nacion sa sulnupan-central na Aprika kataid kan Guinea Equatorial, Kameron, Republika kan Konggo asin Golpo kan Guinea. Libreville an kapitolyo asin pinakadakulang ciudad kaini. Poon kan pagsadiri kaini sa Pransya kan August 17, 1960, pigpamayohan na nin apat na presidente an Republika. Kan amay na 1990s, pigpabisto kan Gabon an sistemang dakol na partido asin an democratikong.
  5. Gabon je rozdělen na devět provincií, přičemž natáčení probíhalo v provincii Estuaire. Zde se nachází přírodní rezervace Wonga-Wongue, pokrývající plochu 5000 kilometrů čtverečních. V této rezervaci se filmovala tato série
  6. Gabon (język polski): ·↑ Hasło Gabon w: Slovník súčasného slovenského jazyka A - G [Słownik współczesnego języka słowackiego A - G], gł. red. Klára Buzássyová i Alexandra Jarošová, Veda, vydavateľstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, Bratysława 2006, ISBN 978-80-224-0932-4.··↑ Hasło Gabon w: Slovarji Inštituta za slovenski.

Gabon Gambie Ghana Guinea Guinea - Bissau JAR Jižní Súdán Kamerun Kapverdy Keňa Komory Kongo Lesotho Libérie Libye Madagaskar Malawi Mali Maroko Mauricius Mauritánie Mosambik Namibie Niger Nigérie Pobřeží Slonoviny Rovníková Guinea Rwanda Senegal Seychely Sierra Leone Somálsk Lýðveldið Gabon (franskt: République Gabonaise) er eitt land í Miðafrika.Gabon hevur mark við Ekvatorguinea, Kongo og Kamerun.Landið hevur uml. 1 640 286 íbúgvar. Báðumegin miðkring, har nógv avfall er alt árið, er Gabon; tríggir fjóðringar av landinum eru regnskógur.Mesta inntøkan í landinum er av oljuvinnuni, men skógarvinnan er eisini nógv vaksin í seinastuni Gabon esas republiko ube la chefo di stato e fakte la chefo di guvernerio esas la prezidanto, qua povas revokar la chefa ministro.La prezidanto, nune Ali Bongo Ondimba, elektesas dal populo por 7-yara periodo.La chefa ministro, qua elektesas dal prezidanto, esas nur la chefo dil ministraro.. La parlamento havas 2 chambri: Senato (Sénat), kun 91 membri, e Nacional Asemblitaro (Assemblée. Gabon esa kuntrii i' Afreka. Dis jiiografii artikal i' stub. Yu ken hiiwp Wikkapedya b' adden t'et. Dem kuntrii a' em teritrii o' Afreka; Algeria • Angola • Benin • Botswana • Burkina Faso • Burundi • Cape Verde • Chad • Ejiipt 1 • Ekwatoryal Gini • Eritreya • Ethiopia • Gaana • Gabon • Gambia • Gini • Gini-Bisau. Magyar: ·Nyugat-közép Afrikai ország, fővárosa: Libreville· Nyelvek: francia (hivatalos), fang, myene, nzebi.· Telefon előhívó szám: 241 Gépkocsi.

Gabon jî girêdayî wê yekîtiyê bû. 1958an de beşdarî Cîvaka Navneteweyî yên Fransan bû û bû dewletekê xweser. 17ê Tebaxa 1960an de jî gihîşt azadiya xwe û serxwebûna xwe îlan kir. Rewşa fîzîkî. Beşeke mezin ya welatê rast û pan e. Niqteyên wê ya herî bilind Mont Iboundji ye 980 metre ye The Gabonese Republic nai to Gabon, Africa ke ek des hae. Iske capital Libreville hae. Iske France se ajaadi 17 August 1960 me mila. Bibliography. Maria Petringa, Brazza, A Life for Africa (2006) ISBN 978-1-4259-1198- Ii panna ke 8 March 2013, ke 13:47 baje, pichhla time badla gais rahaa.. Ti Gabon (Panangibalikas a Pranses: ), opisial a ti Republika Gabones (Pranses: République gabonaise),ket ti naturay nga estado iti laud nga aplaya ti Tengnga nga Aprika.Mabirukan idiay ekuador, ti Gabon is ket bineddengan babaen ti Guinea Ekuatorial iti amianan a laud, ti Kamerun iti amianan, ti Republika iti Kongo iti daya ken abagatan, ken ti Golpo ti Guinea iti laud Chhṳ-yèn thi-lî (sṳ̍t-chi kón-hot-khî) Gabon ke só-chhai. sú-tû: Librevill

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